Welcoming Falls Church

Welcoming Falls Church

Fostering a neighborly environment for immigrant and refugee newcomers looks to take a more refined form in the City of Falls Church’s second go around of “Welcoming Week,” which kicks off tomorrow and runs until Sept. 22.

Organized by the group Welcoming Falls Church, a local subsidiary of the nationwide group Welcoming America, the celebration will promote community efforts to provide hospitality for foreigners who’ve come to the U.S. either seeking better opportunities or safety from troubles in their native countries. Over 60 local governments nationwide have joined the non-partisan “Welcoming Cities and Counties” initiative, with the City seeing a variety of community outreach and educational events for this annual commemoration. That includes book lectures by acclaimed novelists, food pantry and language literacy initiatives, a 5K Run/Walk and community outreach activities at the 44th annual Falls Church Festival this Saturday.

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