Voting in Virginia: FAQs

2020 victory

An Update on new election law in Virginia!

Remember, if you have a question that is not answered below, please call our voter protection hotline at (844) 4VA-VOTE or (844) 482-8683.

Download a printable copy (PDF) of these FAQs.

How can VOTE-by-Mail Ballots be turned in?
Ballots can be mailed or hand delivered. Voters may hand deliver vote-by-mail ballots to:
1) The Registrar's office (during Early Voting and on Election Day);
2) A drop-off location at an in-person, early-vote site; or
3) Any voting precinct in your locality on Election Day!

When is the Deadline to Mail in Ballots?
The Ballot must be postmarked by November 3 and received at the Registrar's office by noon on Friday, November 6th. We're recommending that people bypass the Post Office and turn in their ballots IN PERSON after October 9th.

What if a Voter Requests a Mail-in Ballot, and then Changes Their Mind?
A voter may trade their vote-by-mail ballot for a regular ballot at their Early-Vote Site or at their Election-Day precinct. If a voter forgets to bring their mail-in ballot with them on Election Day, they will be given a provisional ballot, so their vote will still be counted. No further action will be needed from the voter.

Will Drop Boxes be Used in Virginia This Year?
Drop Boxes will be used in SOME places across the Commonwealth, but "Drop-off Locations" is a more accurate term. EVERY early-vote site is required to have a "Drop-off Location" for vote-by-mail ballots, not a "Drop Box."

Will a Voter be Notified if their Absentee Ballot is Rejected?
Yes. Virginia law requires the Registrar's Office to notify a voter within three days of receiving their absentee ballot, if it will be rejected.

Can Vote-by-mail Ballots Be Dropped Off at Polling Locations on Election Day?
Yes. A voter may drop off a completed vote-by-mail ballot at any polling precinct in their locality on Election Day.

Will there be Curbside Voting?
Yes. The same protocols for in-person voting on Election Day apply to early voting.

Can I Track My Vote-by-Mail Ballot?
Yes. You can so by logging into: